Albese (carpaccio) of Fassone Coalvi veal with celery oil and grana mousse. 9€

Knife-chopped tartare of Vicciola with IGP Piedmont hazelnuts and Roero hazelnut oil. 17€

Anchovies in two ways, with green sauce and hazelnut sauce, with bread sails. 8€

''Tuna'' of Saluzzo White chicken 14€

Tench from Ceresole d'Albamarinated in Moscato.13€

Smoked Piedmontese eel served with confit cherry tomatoes. 14€

Low-temperature cooked egg of Saluzzo White chickenwith toma cheese fondue.9€

The addition of summer truffle. 5€



Squared agnolotti (stuffed pasta) with brown stock. 13€

Risotto Dop of Baraggia area with Roccaverano Robiolaand apricots. 14€

Tajarin (ribbon pasta made of egg-dough) with lemon and fresh cream from Novalesa. 13€

Tajarin with butter and summer truffle. 16€



Low-temperature cooked duck breast with Albugnano blueberries and zucchini carpaccio. 17€

“Vitel Tanné”, the vitellotonnato in the fashion of Eighteenth Century, served with salad. 15€

Ratatouille with Pignoletto Rossomaize polenta and Kinara grana cheese. 14€

Trout fillet, potatoes and Genepy reduction. 16€




Ancient-style “panna cotta” with Vermouth reduction and crumbled cocoa short pastry. 6€

Nougat and chocolate semifreddo (Ice-cream parfait). 6€

Savoy Cup of Seirass cheese with chocolate and seasonal fruit. 6€

Peaches stuffed with chocolate and amaretti biscuits. 6€



Price depending on the “star”. 7-9€


 Raffaele D’Errico’s bread and cover charge 2€

Microfiltered water 1,5€ Tea 3,5€ Espresso 1,5€